Flying Arts Insurance



This insurance policy is available to Flying Arts Accredited Members (you can join at any time). It is suitable for visual artists, designers, craft practitioners, curators, registrars, arts administrators, installers and conservators engaged in activities related to professional practice.


Scope of Cover

1. Public Liability
This will protect you against any person who makes a claim against you for ‘bodily injury’ or property damage caused by a negligent action on your part.

2. Professional Indemnity
This will protect you from any claim arising from a fault in the actual design of your product.

3. Product Liability
This will protect you against any person who makes a claim against you for ‘bodily injury’ or property damage caused by a fault in the products that you have made.

5. Property in Care, Custody and Control
This will protect you from claims arising from other people’s goods that are in your control which you negligently lose or damage. So if you are working on a collaborative project, any goods belonging to the other person/s will be covered. This package does not insure you for the loss or damage of your own goods.

6. Teaching
This policy extends to include the activities of the Accredited Member when teaching or training students. Where a Member is conducting workshop activities to pass on skills and supplement their income under their own name, there is a limit of six workshops per annum with a maximum of 10 persons per class.

Where a Member is engaged as an artist in residence by a school or engaged by local authorities or other organisations where they are working on community projects or training a group/s in arts or crafts, the limits do not apply.

Limits of Liability

General Liability $20,000,000 on any one occurrence
Products Liability $20,000,000 on any one occurrence
  $40,000,000 in the aggregate in any one insurance period
Professional Indemnity $5,000,000
Property in Physical & Legal Control $100,000
Excess $250 per occurrence







New Members: Current Insurance Periods

Application Closing Date

Insurance Round Number

Policy Period

Cost ( membership & premium - incl gst)

Monday 24 September

01/ FA002

1 October 12 - 1 October 13


Already a members and want to renew your membership and insurance click here


To fully understand the Flying Arts Insurance offer download the presentation by Greg Naulty from Local Community Insurance Services

For more information about this policy download the Policy Prospectus

For information about Accredited Membership download the Membership Prospectus. To apply online please click here or to download a hard copy of the application please click here.


Payment Information

Payable to:
Flying Arts Inc
PO Box 263
Fortitude Valley 4006

Direct Deposit
Flying Arts
BSB   124 001
Acc    2019 1242
Go to the Flying Arts
website and click on
the PayPal button and select 'Accredited Member'








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